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Live medical recording and broadcasting at your fingertips

Broadcast or record live patient treatments straight from Cath Lab

Medinbox features

Big Features in a small package

Medinbox is an image management operating system in the Cath Lab or Operating Theater environment which simplifies the acquisition and the diffusion of audio, video and/or multiple imaging. Here are just a few of our features:

  • Real-Time Clinical Training & Remote Support in HD,
  • 2-way audiovisual hands-free communication,
  • Compatibility with most of imaging devices,
  • Vendor Neutral Integration,
  • High Definition recording in 1080p H.264,
  • Fully customizable presets & camera control at fingertips,
  • Display up to 8 sources simultaneously with custom layouts in one screen,
  • Easy editing of the produced content/subtitles,
  • Up to 250 HD modality inputs,
  • Integrated HD videoconferencing with AES 256-bit encryption communication (Skype®…),
  • Bose® SoundTouch® and Sonos® integration for music management,
  • Possible output to any transmission system (conferencing codec, Satellite or fiber  transmission…),
  • HIPAA compliant (no patient data stored)
    • Active Directory integration & user activity log
    • Patient’s data anonymization & encryption of recording

Designed for the medical environment


Medinbox allows direct management of different video sources and robotized cameras remotely through a simple tactile interface. The Medinbox system provides the user with full functionality and also the possibility of transmission via Intranet or Internet with full duplex audio.

The images can be transmitted live and in HD on the screen in the Cath Lab / Operating Theater and/or transmitted live to a local conference room or to the other side of the world.

Medinbox thus provides an ideal audio-visual system for the management of images and information for multiple applications. The system of transmission in HD indeed ensures the highest possible quality of images and is also perfect for transmissions over long distances. Medinbox is thus the ideal tool for sharing knowledge between professionals in the medical world. 

features photo
Medinbox comes fully equipped with the following technical specifications:
  • FullHD (up to 1080i60/p30)
  • Video matrix HD-SDI (40 inputs and 40 outputs)
  • Multiviewer (up to 8 windows on the same screen)
  • Live HD recording with easy USB transfer
  • Multi-Touch interface
  • Audio Matrix (up to 8 inputs and 8 mix outputs)
  • Intercom headset system between Cath Lab and Control Room
  • H.264 real time encoder for internet streaming
  • Multiroom & multiusers
  • Multiples HD-SDI outputs
  • Cisco® videoconferencing integration
  • One touch to activate live transmission with Skype® integration


The customization of our Medinbox Solution is always available to meet your needs for all types of operating rooms!