Why Medinbox

Because we believe that technology can empower clinicians to improve patient care and add value to health service, we have developed a smart, integrated video collaboration system for operating rooms and labs, facilitating live medical collaboration.

Since 2010, Medinbox has been the first global provider to transform operating rooms ORs or labs worldwide into a borderless ecosystem.

Distance is no longer a barrier to collaboration for Clinicians, IT, biomedical, industry and education providers. Enter the Smart Hospital’s world.

How it works
Shema why Medinbox

Live Medical Collaboration Made Easy

Clinicians around the world have always needed to share their knowledge and practice with their peers. Up until recently, medical collaboration between clinicians was time-consuming, expensive and/or obstrusive. There were two options :

  • To travel the world to attend medical education or proctor a surgery. It was expensive, tiring for doctors and required free mobility without travel restrictions.
  • Live broadcasting from an operating room. Someone would have to be behind a doctor's shoulder filming, with a sound engineer present. But it was sometimes obtrusive, with third-parties and a lot of audio-visual equipment cramping the OR.

Medinbox is a packaged tool with a limited footprint. With the Medinbox solution, doctors and medical teams can easily record procedures but also transmit them live and in HD wherever in the world with an internet connection. Furthermore, anyone can remotely control the whole system, from their computer or tablet, from anywhere in the world as well. The data storage is a subtle blend of online cloud and “on premise”, making Medinbox the only Medtech company that lets clinicians choose whether they want to store their content on their server or on the cloud. Medinbox is easy to deploy, versatile and designed to adapt to any cath lab or operating theater environment.

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Medinbox is a turnkey medical collaboration solution, easy to setup, designed for a simple use and communication:

  • Video
  • Imaging
  • Audio
  • Recording & Broadcasting


Medinbox is a versatile live medical collaboration device:

  • Solution: OR integrated / turnkey / mobile cart
  • Pricing: capital investment / rental / financing services
  • Platform choice or Medinbox medical social networks
  • Off or Online mode


Medinbox is meant for a borderless use:

  • Unlimited broadcasting
  • No hidden costs
  • Regional media zone capability
  • Vendor neutral
  • The most inputs on the market of cart devices


Security and ethics shouldn’t be an option, it is  Medinbox’s priority

  • Secured system
  • Confidentiality and anonymization of patient's data
  • HIPAA / GDPR compliant
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Trusted by Leading Hospitals& Medical Industry since 2010

> 500

Cath labs and ORS equipped with Medinbox Systems around the world

> 1.5 Million

Hours of medical education

> 100

Countries where Medinbox has already intervened

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The digital transformation of the operating rooms deeply changed the approach to healthcare. Discover how digital surgery helps clinicians around the world to enhance their practice, to improve the patient experience and to provide hospitals a competitive advantage. Medinbox can:

  • help in addressing complex cases
  • avoid hours of travel and incurred costs
  • be easily deployed in ORs and labs anywhere in the world