The young MedTech company that specializes in OR integrated AV systems just signed a contract with the Presbyterian Hospital of the University of Columbia, New York.

Medinbox started in 2008 as the crossover between the Clinique Pasteur and Next Media Factory, a small production company. They have put together a medical-friendly AV system for operating theaters, ORs and cath-labs. Whether it was for medical education purposes, medical training, medical congresses or conferences, the demand remained high, and AV systems and solutions were intrusive in operating theaters, until Medinbox released their new technology.

Medinbox stated on May 22nd, that they signed a contract with the prestigious Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University medical center of New York City. The company already works with French, Swiss and Monegasque hospitals.

-Translated article from Fabrice Valery – France 3

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