The French startup Medinbox was first known for its work as a production company, but it has now stood out in the MedTech industry as it released an audiovisual management system directly integrated into the operating theater. A little barbaric at first glance, the equipment intended for hospitals and clinics is less complicated than expected: “there is an audiovisual system integrated to the operating theater with several cameras and microphones. We place connected screens outside of the room and direct from there, where we can both record the surgery and stream it live” explains Nicolas Gausserand, CEO of Medinbox. For instance, this solution allows for a surgery to be broadcasted to a medical classroom: students can follow the surgery and the control screens, as if they were in the OR themselves. A strong point? No training is needed to use the system: “I gave the cameras to my three-year-old daughter, and she could control them! says the CEO. Our strong suit is the ergonomics.”

And Nicolas Gausserand managed to stand out by recently partnering up with the Presbyterian Hospital of New York City: “We just equipped one of their operating rooms with a Medinbox system, a second system is already in the works, and we are negotiating for a third.” A contract with the hospital, being attached to Columbia, which is one of the most prestigious university in the world, should open more doors to the five-person-company in Toulouse.

Toulouse is where it all started, when in January 2010 Nicolas Gausserand set his offices in Port Saint-Sauveur. The Clinique Pasteur took part in the company’s capital, becoming a testing ground for the Medinbox system. Ever since the tryout period, Medinbox systems started spreading throughout France, Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco. After the US, the company is now turning towards England, Germany and even the United Arab Emirates, where a Medinbox system is to be set up by the month of July.

It’s a beautiful story for the MedTech startup, and it is only beginning. On one side, negotiations are going with other American hospitals, and on another, the tech team keeps on improving the quality of the images, working with Ultra HD technology, always closer to an “in-real-life” operating room experience.

In the heart of surgery

In medical drama television programs, it’s a classic scene: interns are watching through a window a surgeon working in the operating room. This is the Medinbox system itself: watch live surgeries, record them, and keep them for the archives and/or for the patient’s file. Cameras must remain discreet, and video cables close to invisible. The Medinbox solution also takes into account the medical imaging that are X rays, ultrasound, fluorography…

The MedTech company sets up a system in an operating theater, and then the hospital disposes of it; whether it is for medical collaboration purposes, or medical training, online CME, live or remote proctoring etc.

A number: twenty

Already over twenty ORs are equipped by Medinbox. The system is installed in over twenty hospitals worldwide. For now, already more than ten establishments have trusted Medinbox.

-Translated article from Julien Auguy – La Dépêche

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