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In Press11 March 2014

Month: March 2014

The medtech startup from Toulouse, Medinbox, continues its ascent

After New York City, Paris and London. The MedTech startup just equipped the Hospital Necker and the Hammersmith Hospital with their new system that allows broadcasting from the operating theaters.

You no longer need a film crew. A British cardiologist just live transmitted his colleague’s intervention in one of the ORs of the Hammersmith Hospital of London. At the exact same time, over forty foreign specialists were watching. “They were able to follow the intervention in every aspect, says MD Nijjer Sukhjinder. It is a high-quality video, with an intuitive software that allows a beginner to create great content!” The Hammersmith Hospital was using for the very first time, last February 4th, the new Medinbox System.

No more film crews in the operating rooms and labs

Created in Toulouse in 2010, the MedTech startup has been known in the industry after successfully closing a deal with the Presbyterian Hospital of New York City. Now they celebrate two more, with Hospital Necker in Paris and the Hammersmith Hospital in London. “We were looking for an innovative solution to broadcast our techniques in international cardiology, says Nijjer Sukhjinder, who is also a medical researcher at the University Imperial College London. We are conducting experiments, with angioplasty for instance, that should be shared worldwide.”

It is a matter of fact: surgical procedures are being recorded more and more. However, doing so requires heavy devices that are also intrusive for the hospital staffs. With Medinbox, surgeons free themselves of a film crew inside of their operating rooms. They can now control with a touch screen a whole system including multiple cameras. And it takes less than thirty minutes to learn how to use the system. “Medical Doctors do not have the time to read a manual, they need a turnkey solution that is easy to use, says Nicolas Gausserand, founder of Medinbox, of which the Clinic Pasteur in Toulouse is a shareholder. While a surgeon is working in the OR, a colleague of his can broadcast the surgery through the Medinbox solution. I know, from experience, that only a medical doctor is competent to know when to zoom in or out, or when to switch frames during an intervention.” Another asset: “Our system costs 70.000€, when a shooting day alone already costs 20.000€” says the CEO.

Dubaï and Poland soon

Medinbox will soon equip a hospital in Poland before flying off to Dubaï. Recently the Medinbox device allowed a unique livestream, the first of its kind: a renal denervation by radial route, done by French cardiologist Jean Fajadet, in front of over a hundred medical doctors gathered in New York City for the occasion.

In 2013, the medtech startup’s turnover exceeded 400,000€, which is three times higher than their previous year. Full of ambition about his solution, Nicolas Gausserand would love to be the first to film a Carmat heart transplant in the Georges Pompidou Hospital, in Paris.

-Translated article from Hugues-Olivier Dumez – La Tribune

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