A healthtech startup based in Toulouse empowers hospital staffs to broadcast surgeries from their operating rooms. Even more, it allows for a remote control of the cameras and is ready to launch a medical community network of sharing knowledge amongst health professionals.

“It is kind of the Zoom of the medical field, except that it is not just a camera. It is a whole ecosystem thought for operating rooms that allows the image as well as the medical data of the patient to be controlled remotely” explains Nicolas Gausserand, co-founder of Medinbox.

The French healthtech startup Medinbox has established itself in hospitals across the globe and is now taking advantage of the development opportunities offered by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The company was founded from the skill synergy of the Clinic Pasteur and Next Media Factory and has been commercializing a solution since 2010 that helps the digitization of healthcare.

Its purpose? To allow medical doctors and hospital staffs to record their own procedures live from the OR, and to broadcast them. Then, whether it is broadcasted inside the same establishment or thousands of miles away… it does not change a thing. And as a bonus for viewers (medical doctors and students) Medinbox gives you access to the medical monitors. So far, it was not groundbreaking, since medical doctors have been live streaming certain procedures for years, with videoconference tools that are intended for the general public.

But what sets Medinbox apart is that is allows you to control the system both on-site and remotely, meaning there is no need for a whole film crew inside an operating room anymore.

-Translated article from Melvin Gardet – La Tribune

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