• EnSite™ Connected Care from Abbott will integrate with Medinbox’s smart video collaboration system to provide electrophysiologists with remote, real-time audiovisual support to improve case results
  • Abbott’s exclusive global distribution agreement in electrophysiology market consolidates Medinbox’s position as major player in live medical collaboration and hospital digitization

Toulouse, France, March 27, 2023 – Medinbox, a leading global provider of video integrated collaboration systems for operating rooms and labs, announces today a partnership with Abbott, a global healthcare leader, to increase efficiency in electrophysiology labs and strengthen information sharing among physicians to drive improved patient care

The Abbott EnSite™ X EP system is a cardiac mapping platform designed to help physicians better treat cardiac arrhythmias. The system creates highly detailed three-dimensional maps of the heart to help physicians identify and then treat areas of the heart where abnormal rhythms originate. Electrophysiology (EP) labs contain the high-tech equipment used to monitor and map the electrical systems of the heart as well as treat heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias).

With the integration of the Medinbox smart video collaboration solution with Abbott’s EnSite™ Connect Remote Support, EPs will have access to a higher level of service and more support available during ablation cases, with real-time, remote audio and video capabilities. The Medinbox system, developed in collaboration with cardiovascular experts at Clinique Pasteur (Toulouse, France), is an integrated audiovisual solution that enables procedural remote support, technical support, and live education based on de-identified images and data. Medinbox is the all-in-one solution for EP labs to record and share live case streams – giving physicians full autonomy for recording and sharing their procedures. This solution can also provide them with peer support for complex procedures and additional expertise.

“As a result of this innovative combination of technology between Abbott and Medinbox, physicians can now access support from our Abbott EP team whenever they need it, even mid-case. This partnership between Abbott and Medinbox is a real opportunity for EP labs to create a connected lab and improve outcomes. Because Medinbox is easy to deploy, versatile and adaptable to any electrophysiology lab or operating room environment, this solution truly meets the growing need for data sharing, training, and education in the medical community, especially in cardiology,” said Christopher Piorkowski, M.D., divisional vice president of medical affairs and chief medical officer within Abbott’s Electrophysiology division.


“I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Abbott, a global healthcare leader with recognized expertise in cardiology. This is a strategic step towards consolidating our position as a major player in live medical collaboration and hospital digitization. The digital transformation of the operating room is completely changing the approach to healthcare and surgery, with a great need for sharing procedures, best practice, and knowledge thanks to an easy to setup, turnkey medical collaboration solution,” said Nicolas Gausserand, co-founder and CEO of Medinbox. “As we are growing rapidly, this is an exciting inflection point for Medinbox. We are expanding globally and partnerships such as this one are important for us to enter new specialties, and to best serve those customers who need our solution. We are now in the process of raising funds to develop our R&D to leverage advanced technologies and expand our technology into other applications, such as peripheral interventions and neuroradiology.”


310 million major surgeries are performed each year, with an estimated 50% requiring industry support and 25% requiring peer support. Having an industry representative or clinical support in the room generates significant costs and loss of time and efficiency for the medical staff and major inconvenience for patients, including possible rescheduling of a procedure and adversely affecting the quality of their care and patient satisfaction.

This collaboration between Abbott and Medinbox will leverage both companies’ respective technologies to meet the growing needs of the cardiovascular medical community by accelerating the connection between electrophysiology labs across the globe and improving the efficiency of medical teams in the lab and operating rooms. The partnership aims at facilitating the deployment of the largest medical ecosystem for remote electrophysiology support and medical education. Abbott and Medinbox have also signed a global distribution agreement covering the electrophysiology market. The financial terms are not disclosed.

Through this partnership, Medinbox is significantly scaling up its operations. The first installations of the new system are in progress and should accelerate in the coming months.

Medinbox will continue to invest in R&D and product development, preparing for new advanced technologies to help medical teams improve their professional experience. This includes Virtual Reality (VR) applications, for example to perform TAVI procedures. Thanks to a VR headset, the medical team can be in a procedure virtually, with a clear view of the physician’s technical gestures, opening up new opportunities for training and interactive experience. Medinbox also leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide hospitals and industrial partners with insights and data to review practice and improve procedures.

Learn more about the EnSite Connect Remote Support + Medinbox in this video 

About Medinbox

Medinbox is dedicated to connecting medical teams around the world to facilitate continuous improvements in healthcare delivery, via the development of a smart integrated video collaboration system for operating rooms and labs worldwide.

Medinbox’s on-premise and cloud-based solution provides surgeons and medical teams with remote medical education, proctoring and support. Its turnkey medical collaboration solution is easy to setup and to use; it includes video, imaging, audio, recording and broadcasting. The virtual system avoids the delays in training and high-carbon footprint of travelling to engagements, and benefits medical staff by saving time and sharing best practices; it improves the patient experience by reducing the need to reschedule procedures. The company also aims to close the global healthcare disparity gap with its connected solutions.

Over 100 countries around the world have used Medinbox’s solution and globally more than 300 cathlabs and operating rooms are equipped with Medinbox’s system. This represents more than 1.5 million hours of medical education.

Created in 2010 in collaboration with cardiovascular experts at Clinique Pasteur, France, and Next Media Factory, Medinbox is based in Toulouse, France, and employs 25 staff.