Medinbox advances company mission to improve access to Medical Education and Remote Support around the world with debut of new product suites for Interventional Ecosystem at TCT

Medinbox Link and Medinbox Air deliver cutting-edge technologies to enhance digital education and remote proctoring and support for cath labs and interventional rooms globally.

Medinbox, a leading global provider of video integrated collaboration systems for interventional rooms and labs, has launched its latest product suites to enhance live collaboration for medical education, proctoring and remote support in the interventional space. The products were revealed in San Francisco at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) meeting on October 24, 2023.

Medinbox Link is a secure cloud platform that transforms remote collaboration and content sharing in interventional rooms with a suite of AI-enhanced capabilities that streamline workflow and provide support during critical interventions. The platform facilitates digital collaboration with advanced analytics, interactive AI-powered sessions to deliver live and on-demand education, professional-grade video creation that’s intuitive and easy to use, remote system control so digital participants can easily and dynamically engage in procedures, global real-time access, and effortless video content library sharing. The solution can simultaneously display up to eight sources on a high-resolution 4K screen, a particularly valuable feature in an interventional setting. The platform adheres to the strictest standards of security and compliance, facilitating protected collaboration among physicians, patient data anonymizing with reduced procedural downtime and seamless information exchange.

Medinbox Air is a patent-pending remote proctoring and clinical support solution with a smart AI-powered camera offering screen detection and optimization to enhance real-time, remote proctoring in a digital way, up and running in minutes without expertise. The ultra-lightweight, portable plug-and-play tool is equipped with smart AI-powered cameras with body tracking and 4K screen grabbing and optimization (patent pending), a high-resolution screen, and wireless microphone headsets with crystal-clear two-way audio to ensure a seamless and efficient remote proctoring experience, saving participants both time and money and enabling the multiplication of opportunities for collaboration within the medical community. Secure encryption protocols are integrated into the device to protect sensitive medical information during remote sessions, ensuring local anonymization by automatically masking out PII (Personal Identifying Information).

Medinbox’s mission is to deliver healthcare providers, hospitals, and industry with a more efficient, more dynamic, and more accessible way to obtain medical education with the latest technological advances. Its solutions are designed to improve access to the best healthcare by enabling specialists to remotely engage with experts at the patient side.

“We are creating a new way to engage healthcare professionals using the latest digital and AI-inspired technologies,” commented Nicolas Gausserand, co-founder and CEO of Medinbox. “A recent inquiry with our clients showed that Medinbox solutions could lead to more than a threefold efficiency gain in clinical support. Empowering cardiologists and interventionalists with the resources to collaborate with colleagues efficiently, seamlessly and affordably benefits our providers, our payers, and our patients.”

About Medinbox

Medinbox is dedicated to connecting medical teams around the world to facilitate continuous improvements in healthcare delivery via the development of a smart integrated video collaboration system for interventional rooms and labs.

Medinbox’s on-premise and cloud-based solutions provide physicians and medical teams with remote medical education, proctoring, and support. Its turnkey medical collaboration solution is easy to set up and to use; it includes video, imaging, audio, recording and broadcasting. The digital system avoids the delays in training and high-carbon footprint of travelling to engagements and benefits medical staff by saving time and sharing best practices; it improves the patient experience by reducing the need to reschedule procedures. The company also aims to close the global healthcare disparity gap with its connected solutions.

Over 100 countries around the world have used Medinbox’s solution and more than 300 cath labs and operating rooms are equipped with Medinbox’s systems. This represents more than 1.5 million hours of medical education.

Since its inception in 2010 as one of the first remote digital education platforms, Medinbox’s business approach has been to operate sustainably, with a focus on steady financial growth and business development in order to deliver increasingly stable and impressive returns to our stakeholders. The company was founded in collaboration with cardiovascular experts at Clinique Pasteur, France, and Next Media Factory, and is based in Toulouse, France, and in Las Vegas, NV, USA.