Our Story

Founded in 2010, Medinbox has been the first global provider to transform operating rooms and cathlabs around the world into a borderless ecosystem.

Clinique Pasteur, the first Cardiovascular Center in France, and Next Media Factory, the leading medical AV Company in Europe decide to unite their expertise and knowledge to create Medinbox, the first versatile turnkey solution for live medical collaboration.

Totally independent, Medinbox reinvests 100% of its benefits in development.

Over the last 13 years, Medinbox has developed its solution, continuously implementing new features.

Then, the 2019 pandemic deeply changed the way people work. Medical teams had to take up the challenge of connecting experts despite travel restrictions, all the while optimizing budgets. The cloud-based Medinbox solution provides them with the remote medical education, proctoring and support answer that they require. The demand for a Medinbox solution has thus increased by three over the past four years.

Today, over 100 countries around the world have had Medinbox intervene, and over 350 cath labs and operating rooms are equipped worldwide.

Our Mission

Sharing clinical practice made easy

We developed a smart integrated video collaboration system for operating-rooms and labs, facilitating live medical education, remote proctoring and support. Since 2010, Medinbox has been the first global provider to transform operating rooms and labs worldwide into one borderless ecosystem. Distance is no longer a barrier to collaboration. The tool has a limited footprint and is stressless for medical doctors. The Medinbox medical community network keeps growing. This is how Medinbox aims at bridging the gap between medical communities all over the world.

Improving patient care

We, at Medinbox, believe that technology should be a means to an end with improved care, patient’s experience, cost optimization and healthcare system enhancement. We are convinced that medical collaborative technology is what will help reduce inequalities in hospital treatments of the patients. Medinbox wants to be a part of the transition from fee-for-service to population-based disease management.

Our Values

Efficiency and effectiveness

Medinbox was founded with and for doctors and medical teams, undoubtedly making it a particularly useful device for healthcare professionals. Everything, from its design to its financing has been thought by and for medical workers. And it is because we are so close to the medical industry that Medinbox grows with it, connecting operating rooms around the world and helping to share new-found knowledge amongst professionals.

Medinbox helps better extended care management and improve clinical efficiency. Plus, our support team is spread worldwide to guarantee the best reactiveness medical teams need.

Human first

Medinbox was founded thanks to an exchange between film production professionals and medical doctors; this is how and why putting the human first in everything we do is our way of operating.

We believe in bettering patient value, patient experience and patient security altogether. And we have developed the Medinbox system to make it stressless for clinicians and healthcare professionals to attend and/or operate surgeries with an easy-to-set-up, autonomous and time-freeing solution.

Medinbox helps improve growth efficiency and productivity

Improving and growing together

The Medinbox system is evolving every day. We thrive in challenging ourselves to improve our solution, so we prioritize the medical team's wants and needs, as well as the patient's. Their feedback, your feedback, is what helps us to build on an always-evolving solution. This is the reason why 100% of our benefits are reinvested in continuous research and development.

We are always preparing for the newest incoming technologies and keep on finding applications and ways to improve our solution. At Medinbox, the growth never ends. Since putting humans first has proven to be so efficient, we also constantly make sure to provide our teams with a working environment where they can give the best of themselves. And say "I love my job" !

Our Team

After more than 10 years managing medical events at Europa Organisation (PCO) and medical film production at Next Media Factory, Nicolas Gausserand, a graduate of ESSEC, decided to create Medinbox. His goal was to facilitate the transmission of medical knowledge, technological innovation, and the human approach. Keen on medical and educational technologies, he joined forces with the Clinique Pasteur in Toulouse. Together they designed a turnkey solution for medical video collaboration to record and broadcast procedures for live education, remote proctoring, and support.

Nicolas Gausserand

Co-Founder & CEO

Annabelle Gausserand is specialized in corporate law and employment law. She is also particularly aware of patient’s rights issues. After having been chief project manager and carrying out audits and HR consulting assignments, she embarked on the Next Media Factory adventure. Today she manages the Medinbox strategy with Nicolas Gausserand and is in charge of financial, administrative and HR matters.

Annabelle Gausserand

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Graduated from EPITA in Paris, specialized in multimedia and information technology, Sami Chidiac has acquired technical and managerial skills at LATECOERE, IT service company ALTRAN and as CTO of the startup ToolLive. Sami Chidiac’s missions are to oversee the technical development of the company, particularly the cloud environment and customer applications. He supervises the technical teams and sheds light on strategic choices.

Sami Chidiac


Laetitia Lebert met Nicolas in the early 2000s when she was Marketing Manager for a medical congress at Europe Organization (PCO). She developed skills and expertise in B2B marketing working for numerous companies, including KPMG. Laetitia, a graduate of EM, joined the Medinbox team as Chief Marketing Officer to help develop the global marketing strategy. She oversees the branding and value creation.

Laëtitia Lebert


With 15+ years of experience in medtech and SaaS business development & corporate development, Nicolas brings to our team strategic insights and industry knowledge, driving our growth and partnerships.

Nicolas’s mission is to shape and execute Medinbox’s strategic vision, identifying new market opportunities, and fostering collaborations and new business opportunities with industry leaders. He plays a crucial role in establishing and nurturing partnerships that drive our company’s growth and expansion.

Nicolas Foin

Deputy MD BD & Strategy

After a degree in supply chain management, Mégane Guennec worked for Airbus and DB Schenker, as a costumer advisor, air export operations manager, and logistics methods engineer. After getting her Master’s Degree, she joined Medinbox as a supply chain and quality manager, before becoming Chief Operating Officer in July 2022.

Mégane Guennec