Operating rooms or cath-labs are complex ecosystemswith a great need for sharing proceduresand knowledge

A smart integrated Solutionfor medical collaboration designed by & for doctors

  • Designed to be used by medical teams.
  • No technicians needed, easily operated by doctors.
  • Cameras and microphones are integrated in the medical environment, leaving little discernible footprint.

How does it work?

Live surgery in the box.
Everything you need – easy to operate with HD quality results.

A fully autonomous, intuitive and tactile AV interface provides the medical team with complete control of live transmissions.

Robotic camera with remote control allows doctors to capture any sequence in the OR spontaneously with precise magnification.

All video sources can be simultaneously captured including from pre-installed robotized cameras and medical monitors (angiograms, hemodynamics, IVUs, etc.), enabling the hospital full autonomy during any live procedure.

Medinbox is an integrated operating room camera system, an autonomous AV interface and a cloud/”on-premise” based collaboration solution. It provides medical team with complete control of live transmissions from the cath lab / operating theater to a remote location either inside or outside the same hospital. All video sources including pre- installed robotized cameras and medical monitors (Angiograms, Haemodynamics, IVUS etc.) can be simultaneously captured, giving the hospital full autonomy during any live procedure.

Thanks to its multitouch control and direct management of different video sources, Medinbox is perfectly adapted to the medical environment. From open heart surgery to angioplasty and many other complex medical procedures, Medinbox guarantees an easy to use, fast and effective solution for all OR live surgery videos or recorded cases.

Versatile and unlimited live medical collaboration

Medinbox is the only state-of-the-art technology that lets you choose whether you want to store your content on your server or on the cloud.

With the digital operating room integration, easily take remote control of the Medinbox OR-integrated AV-system!

Remote Proctoring

Training & Education

Remote Support

Live & Hybrid Events

Doctors, medical teams and industry can easily and infinitely record, live stream and live collaborate

Medinbox capabilities in a nutshell

Confidentiality & Anonymization of patient’s data (HIPAA/GDPR compliancy)

Quick setup

Doctor- friendly UI & UX

Up to 16 imaging devices inputs / vendor neutral

Fully customizable windows presets with up to 8 simultaneous sources

Crystal clear 2-way communication & integrated intercom

Up to UHD Video

Remote control of the system (Layout/Camera Control)

A tailored audio video integration for an unlimitedlive medical collaboration

The operating room is a very demanding environment.
Medinbox is a tailored EHR implementation that can be adapted to every context.

OR integrated solution

Smart turnkey solution

Mobile cart