Medinbox AirWorldclass medical video collaboration in a backpack

Medinbox Air ultralightweight remote proctoring and support solution in interventional environments

The new experience for remote proctoring and support

Medinbox Air is the new groundbreaking solution designed by Medinbox, leader in the digitalization of interventional rooms. Medinbox Air is a patent-pending remote proctoring and clinical support tool, featuring an ultra-lightweight design and cutting-edge AI technology. Medinbox Air provides an easier-than-ever experience, with no technical prerequisites or additional equipment required. This portable solution offers seamless remote collaboration in interventional settings, transforming the way interventional procedures are proctored and supported.

Enhancing the quality of healthcare, facilitating more efficient remote collaboration, and addressing the evolving needs of the medical sector.


Streamlining Remote Proctoring and Support

Addressing critical needs of support and proctoring on complex procedures: Medinbox Air empowers proctors to perform support on complex medical procedures, offering real-time access to patient data and medical images.

Medinbox improves efficiency


Medinbox Air offers up to a threefold efficiency gain in clinical support for the medical device industry, allowing for improved productivity and faster decision-making.

Time & Cost saving

With a reduction in the need for physical presence, Medinbox Air significantly cuts down on time and costs associated with on-site proctoring and support services.

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Medinbox enhances service quality

Enhanced Service

Physicians, sales reps, and biomed engineers benefit from a faster, more reliable and above all secure solution than mainstream instant messaging, ensuring a better overall experience.

Medinbox ensures data security

Data Safety

Prioritizing data safety, Medinbox Air implements secure encryption protocols to protect sensitive medical information during remote sessions, aligning with medical standards.

Key Features

Ultra-lightweight & portable

Weighing only a few pounds, Medinbox Air is easily transportable as cabin baggage, providing a clutter-free experience in interventional environments.

Effortless Setup

Plug-and-play functionality ensures quick installation in just 15 minutes, requiring no technical expertise or complex prerequisites.

Smart AI-Powered Cameras

Equipped with advanced AI-powered cameras, Medinbox Air dynamically captures large displays in 4K from any angle, ensuring optimal visualization during procedures.

Immersive Secured Collaboration

Powered by Medinbox Link, Medinbox Air enables secure access on demand, allowing remote proctors to annotate screens, communicate, change layouts, share live content, and enjoy all Medinbox Link features.

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Global & real-time accessibility

Medinbox Air provides an immediate access to live procedures allowing for instant intervention and guidance, improving overall procedural outcomes. Remote proctoring and support can be scheduled at any time, accommodating the diverse schedules of healthcare professionals worldwide.

Powered by Medinbox Link, Cloud secure platform

Medinbox is HIPAA Compliant
Medinbox is SSL Encryption Secure

Medinbox has partnered with Dolby IO for a safe, secure, and fully compliant experience.