Main features of Medinbox Link

Medinbox Link serves as the trusted companion of physicians and the medical ecosystem for interactive medical education, remote proctoring and support.

Create professional-quality videos with ease

Even without technical expertise, create professional-quality videos using Medinbox Link. View up to 8 simultaneous sources captured by the Medinbox system.

Medinbox file sharing

Organise on-demand interactive sessions

Easily schedule secure live sessions, invite participants with a simple click, and interact in real-time through audio or instant messaging.

Medinbox remote camera controle

Control the system remotely

Delegate control of the system to one or several participants, allowing them to move the camera, make unlimited custom layouts and sources change, draw on screen and more.

Medinbox customizable interface

Connect anytime, anywhere

Access live sessions remotely from anywhere in the world and on any device without requiring installation.

Medinbox Integration

Effortlessy create and share a library of cases

Synchronize your library of recorded videos, store and edit them, and easily manage access control to the content you share.

Medinbox uses AI to enhance performanece

Unlock the power of AI

Get new insights, boost efficiency,  define standards,  accelerate adoption and enhance patient value with Medinbox Link.

Medinbox Link is compatible with all Medinbox systems.

Uses of Medinbox Link

Medinbox Link Platform

Empowering Physicians:

Medinbox Link is not just a tool; it’s a companion that empowers physicians with a suite of AI-enhanced capabilities, streamlining their workflow and providing invaluable support during critical interventions. By offering advanced analytics, professional video creation, and interactive AI-powered sessions, Medinbox Link becomes an indispensable ally for physicians striving for excellence in patient care.

Transforming Hospital Efficiency: 

Hospitals are dynamic ecosystems where efficiency directly translates to improved patient outcomes. Medinbox Link optimizes collaboration, reduces procedural downtime, and fosters seamless information exchange among medical teams. Its intuitive design ensures that hospitals not only meet but exceed the demands of modern healthcare delivery.

Revolutionizing Medical Device Industry Collaboration: 

For stakeholders in the medical device industry, Medinbox Link is a game-changer. The platform facilitates collaborative sessions that bridge the gap between developers, manufacturers, and healthcare providers. By integrating AI into the heart of interventional spaces, Medinbox Link opens new avenues for innovation and feedback loops, ensuring that medical devices are designed with real-world insights and user experiences in mind.

Benefits of Medinbox Link

Medinbox Medical Congress

> 139 h

Cumulative time saved by experts on commuting during 6 months of remote proctoring.

(source: REMOTE study Pr. C-H. Haeger, Dr J. Vogler und Pr. R. Tilz, Lübeck)

Read the study 

> 50%+

Reduction in costs related to case-based education. (source: Medinbox)

Medinbox Support

> Up to 3x

Efficiency gain in clinical support.

(source: Medinbox)

Main specifications of the Medinbox Link Platform

Medical collaboration platform for remote education, proctoring and support

Unmatched audio and image quality through the power of Dolby Voice® Technology and HD video

De-identification of patient data, encryption and a secure environment, Medinbox Link is GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC-2 compliant

Remote control of camera, layout & annotation

Unlimited use

IP Whitelisting

Regional Media Zone Capability

Cloud secure platform

Medinbox is HIPAA Compliant
Medinbox is SSL Encryption Secure

Medinbox has partnered with Dolby IO for a safe, secure, and fully compliant experience.