Partner of the Medical Industry


Live remote support and proctoring with high definition immersive video.


Live case recordings with high definition for all medical purposes.

Medinbox's strengths

Upgrade your Added Value for your Customers

  • Bring the best of technology to physicians
  • Enable them to connect with their peers and to improve procedures
  • Make their lives easier by reducing their fatigue and time away from their patients

Improve your Network Effectiveness

  • Be available for your surgical partners in all circumstances
  • Provide high quality remote support and more relevant advices by mastering the concrete live problems of clinicians

Increase your Teams' Efficiency

  • Save time and money by reducing travel time and costs
  • Get immediate field feedback and improve your products in real-time

The medical industry keeps on improving patient healthcare. This is the reason why it needs to go hand in hand with surgeons and hospitals about releases of new products on the market and new procedures altogether. Essentially, the medical industry needs to exchange with medical teams to help everyone thrive.

Remote proctoring, support, medical education and collaboration play a key role in the future of surgery and sharing of medical progress.

The Medinbox solution promotes medical collaboration throughout the world and pushes for remote proctoring and remote support. Live medical collaboration is the future of surgery, with digitalized operating rooms and cath-labs.

As a member of the medical industry, you reinforce your image of being a problem-solver by offering the Medinbox solution to your hospitals or surgeons partners. By enlarging your field of action, it is bound to increase your sales all the while saving time and money.

With more than ten years of expertise, acquired right from the OR and from medical doctors themselves, Medinbox can now help connect medical teams who wish to acquire medical devices to the right industrial partner, you.